WSG is committed to providing elegant, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

WSG is Upstate NY’s oldest and best in its field – web design and development, internet marketing and SEO and IT consulting, network support and web hosting. WSG has continually expanded its offerings as the web and information technologies have evolved. WSG’s capabilities as a full-service design, development, marketing, consulting and support firm are unsurpassed in the Capital Region and beyond.

WSG is committed to providing elegant, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. This involves a commitment to understanding the customer and every possible aspect of each client’s business.

An elegant solution has an attractive exterior, with a well-engineered foundation. Artistic yet appropriate designs are created to lend credibility to our customers while blending well with their existing image. Image is the key, as the exterior of a web site or software package is often the first-impression that someone has of a company. Beyond the image of the solution, the foundation is equally important. We invest time before, during, and after implementation to create the solution that will meet our customers immediate and future needs.

Every problem has its constraints, including costs in which to work. It is our goal to produce the optimal solution given the desired constraints, and to make the client aware of the trade-offs required to make the necessary decisions. Our technology experts make it their responsibility to provide our customers with the most cost-effective solutions available.

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Our Leadership Team

When Mike and Jim Gile decided to form WSG in 1996, they vowed to work only with the best, most talented and experienced people in the field. Our team is made up of carefully selected individuals who excel in their fields. As a combined force, this team has proven that they can produce innovative, practical, and elegant solutions that build on the Internet.

Michael Gile, President
Jim Gile, Vice President
Danielle McMahon, Creative Director
Lucas Brock, Developer / Network Engineer
Matthew McMillen, Network Engineer